Tooth whitening is a very popular treatment to take away stain build-up from coffee, tea, wines and food colourings.

We go about this in two different ways.

In-surgery treatment
Whitening gel is placed over the teeth and a bright light is used to help the gel react quicker. This treatment takes about one and a half hours.

Home whitening
An appointment of about 10 minutes is required to take impressions of the teeth which are sent to the laboratory.

Using the impressions, the laboratory make precise rubber moulds which cover the teeth but fit snugly. You take these home with whitening gel which you place into the moulds before placing them over your teeth. You will need to do this for 4 -5 consecutive days.

You will find your teeth whiter—and one benefit of this system is that in a couple of years time should you wish to whiten your teeth again, you only need to purchase the gel!